Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Formal Email: Self Introduction

Subject: Self introduction

Dear Professor Blackstone,

I am writing to you to formally introduce myself and to let you know more about my background in communications. Firstly, communicating in english is not my forte as I come from a mandarin-speaking family where I do not have the luxury to practice speaking at home. Secondly, I have an introverted personality where I don’t speak much in school. This habit adversely hinders my ability to communicate well with people.

I understand that communication skills are important in today’s world and it is of paramount importance to be equipped with such soft skills.

Personally, I feel that my weakness is lacking confidence in public speaking. When speaking to a large crowd or even a small tutorial class, I tend to get nervous at times. Unable to express myself with full clarity, I start stuttering while I slowly lose my train of thoughts. For example, during a class presentation in polytechnic, I had prepared myself beforehand. When it was my turn, I got butterflies in my stomach. I lost focus and the words coming out from my mouth were disorganized. My classmates and lecturers sometimes may not understand what I am presenting and thus it adversely affected my results.

In contrast, being a good listener is my strength. I always find myself engaged in a proper conversation with my friends. I believe that active listening is a form of good communication because it shows my willingness to enter a conversation with the speaker, paying close attention to what the other party has got to say, and I could respond to them appropriately. Many times, when my polytechnic project mates are voicing out their opinions on a problem, I will listen attentively to their ideas and not interrupting them, giving them a chance to express their thoughts.

By the end of this module, I hope to be confident at public speaking and probably writing communication as these soft skills are beneficial not only in academics but also for future work purpose. I look forward to attending your class and hope that I can learn something new every day.

Thank you.

Hong Yu
SIE2016 Group 5

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